Your Holiday Gift Guide For The Best CBD Products


November 28, 2019

This article was originally published in GOLDLEAF SPEKTRUM.

Your Holiday Gift Guide For The Best CBD Products

As the holidays approach, I’ve been putting together my holiday list of gifts. This year, I decided I would focus on giving the gift of healing to my close friends and family. As a businesswoman myself, I also set out to find the best CBD products made by women.

Like many of us, I see CBD products everywhere. There’s such a large selection making it difficult to know what works and what doesn’t. To find the answers to some of my questions, I did my research; I visited several CBD stores to ask store owners which products they recommend for specific ailments that are supported by positive customer feedback. I also tried the products myself. Below are a few cited experiences.

🌟 Mom’s Back Pain (GoldleafSpektrum.com)

I was in Rochester, NY a few weeks again when I heard my elderly mom complain about her back and hip pain. Nothing these days seem to work so when I asked the store rep at END Vape in Rochester, they recommended CBD drops from Goldleaf Spektrum (the parent company, Goldleaf Limited, LLC is owned by a Latina woman). I was told this particular CBD oil comes from the organically grown hemp flower that in turn produces the highest amount of cannabinoids. Their oil is tested for heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, THC and the purity of the cannabinoids. After my mini scientific orientation, the sales rep let me taste the product. I went for the blood orange and it was quite pleasant without that over-powering grassy flavor.

The sales rep also recommended that I combine the drops with Goldleaf’s new Skin Salve for optimal relief for mom’s pain. I was struck by the packaging of this product because they put all the ingredients on the front of the package instead of the back. I went through the list seeing only natural ingredients like CBD, peppermint, eucalyptus, frankincense, ginger, etc.

Gift #1-done!

🌟 My Best Friend’s Obsession With Aging (Potency710)

We all have that one girlfriend who’s obsessed with anti-aging treatments and creams. She does masks, exfoliates and gets facials along with her Botox treatments. While attending a cocktail party in Los Angeles, I meet Mandy Lile the CEO of the brand, Potency №710. Mandy is a charismatic and friendly southerner from Kentucky. I told her about my beauty obsessed friend and she recommended her Gold serum formula. After being a spa owner and aesthetician for 20 years, she’s developed a formulation that reduces sun damage and enlarged pores; she uses ingredients including a full spectrum hemp oil to speed up cell renewal, to smooth out fine lines and to calm redness. She slipped me a few samples in a shinny and gold fanny pack. I used the product for 2 weeks and loved the results. Sold!

Gift #2-Done!

🌟 A Gift for My Boyfriend That’s Really For Me (HerHighness.com)

Truth be told, my lover’s anatomy is rather large so I was in need of a lubricant. I refused to use store-bought lubes as so many of them contain parabens and other artificial ingredients that can be harmful to a woman’s anatomy. I popped into Urban Treez, a dispensary in Studio City, CA. After speaking with the store rep, she recommended a very sexy product line created by two female founders called, Her Highness. More specifically, she recommended their Pleasure Oil, an intimate topical with CBD or THC that is “Highly Orgasmic.” The product I tried to include active ingredients CBD and spilanthes acmella. Some of the other ingredients are California extra virgin olive oil, kava extract, basil essential oil, vanilla extract, peppermint essential oil, sodium hyaluronateno, but no parabens. I plan to let loose with the one I love, even (and especially) if the one I love is myself. My lover’s holiday will be better than expected!

Gift #3-Done!

🌟 The Gift of Sleep for My Boss (Myjane.com)

Created by women for women, MyJane is a trusted advisor and curator of the finest cannabis-based products enabling women to make informed health and wellness choices. They’ve curated a special box called Dream Box which includes products that contain CBD and extracts such as lavender, terpenes and chamomile to provide a calming and restful dream night. All their products are pesticide-free and evaluated by their experiential advisors and certificate of authenticity and integrity are available for each batch of products in their box sets. While I haven’t personally tried each product in this particular box, their reviews are good plus the element of surprise is always fun!

I really love the fact that this company is donating a portion of the proceeds to the International Sanctuary who empowers women survivors of human trafficking. The purpose jewelry bracelet in your box is handmade by a survivor.

Gift #4-Done!

🌟 A Gift for Grandma & Abuela (Kikoko.com)

Kikoko’s Founders Amanda Jones and Jennifer Chapin launched their cannabis-infused teas in 2018. They enhanced the healthy ritual of drinking tea and added cannabis to help people better manage their pain, anxiety and mood. Each one of their teas contains a blend of organic herbal ingredients as well as a cannabis active ingredient. They worked with a team of scientists and an artisanal tea expert to create delicious blends with precise doses. After much research on herbal medicine, the Kikoko team selected the best ingredients to specifically address each blend’s purpose. Each tea has a different ratio of cannabinoids (some with more CBD to offset the amount of THC and so forth). For Grandma/Abuela, I recommend teas with a low amount of THC and high amounts of CBD and/or CBN. Their Tranquili-Tea is for sleep and is caffeine-free. They combined chamomile peppermint, valerian root, lemon myrtle, licorice root, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender, cornflower petals, 3 milligrams of THC (if at all) and 5 milligrams of CBN, which is a cannabinoid known to induce sleepiness. Their Sympa-Tea is for pain and anxiety. This blend contains ginger, turmeric, ginger peel, black pepper, star anise, cinnamon, licorice root, 20 milligrams of CBD and 3 milligrams of THC. You won’t feel much of a psychoactive high; instead, you’ll notice the muscles in your body relieved of tension and pain.

Gift #5-Done!

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