Dr. Mary Clifton Answers: What happens if you take “too much” CBD?

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Dr. Mary Clifton-

“Nothing. Okay. Nothing’s going to happen. I mean, there are caveats to that. 

There was a time when I was at The Javits Center in New York a few years ago, back before the world shut down, an 85 year old guy wandering the floor, taking every sample that was out and he had to get taken out in, in a wheelchair. 

He got a little too sedated, but other than that person, I mean, there’s absolutely zero. Over the course of history, there is zero recorded deaths, from cannabis or a cannabis over overdose, if you will. You know, it mostly leads to a panic attack and some uncomfortable feelings, maybe some nausea, but it’s not, uh, something that’s dangerous. 

You’d probably go into heart failure having had to consume such a concentration of it so much oil that you would get fluid overloaded in your body before the CBD itself would do you in. So it’s a very large quantity, a very large quantity. You would have to back up a truck and just start guzzling it.

So that’s not something to worry about, but the thing to worry about is that people have real concerns. There’s been a prohibition on cannabis since the 1920s, you know, and people are in jail for having cannabis on their person. And it’s been a very serious prohibition.

So, there’s a lot of people who have a lot of anxiety around trying this, even though they’ve talked to somebody else, and have heard it’s a great product.”

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