Wellness Resolution: The Truth About Exercise!

Every January, gym memberships and exercise equipment go on sale to help people meet their New Year’s resolutions. Although this year’s coronavirus pandemic means fewer gyms are still open and operational, people still resolved to put their health and wellness first and get in better shape this January.

If this is you, you might have noticed the past couple of weeks that your body is NOT happy with you for making this sudden change.

The benefits of exercise are well known and documented, but there’s also the flip side of how exercise can impact a typically sedentary body… also known as a couch potato. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of exercise, as well as the more difficult parts of exercising that many people forget to discuss.

The Long-Term Benefits of Exercise

Your body will benefit from exercise in three ways: mentally, physically, and emotionally!

Mentally, a prolonged exercise regimen will help you to develop a disciplined mindset. There are many things that you don’t want to do in the moment, but know that they’ll be good for you in the long run. Like, flossing your teeth every day or wiping down the countertop after doing the dishes each time. Exercising consistently can get you used to pushing aside the “I don’t want to” mentality.

The physical benefits of exercise are pretty obvious. Depending on the types of exercise you do, you can increase flexibility, strength, circulation and stamina. Decreasing insulin and blood sugar, improving the quality of your sleep and increasing your energy… the physical benefits of exercise are well documented and varied. If you’re feeling lethargic, sickly or just plain bad, you should start a light exercise regimen. The benefits abound!

Last but not least, the emotional benefits of exercise are some of our favorites here at MyJane. Exercise can help you reduce stress, increase motivation and energy, as well as boost your serotonin and endorphins! One of the best remedies for a bad mood is to go for a brisk walk outside in nature for 20 minutes. Apparently, serotonin and endorphin receptors are similar to the ones of the endocannabinoid system, which is why including CBD oil in your fitness regime can be helpful. If you’re asking yourself, “What is CBD oil?” you should check out the MyJane CBD oil. The fresh air, the movement of your body, and a change of scenery all help to reorient your mental space.

The Short-Term Drawbacks of Exercise

So, we’ve established that exercise is a wonderful and necessary part of any healthy lifestyle, with many benefits that can help to improve your body, mind, outlook and even your life in general. However, that’s not to say that exercise is 100% wonderful, easy and great all the time. Does the phrase, “No pain, no gain” ring any bells? The initial tiredness, soreness and noodles-for-limbs feeling that results from exercise are some of the main reasons that New Year’s Resolutions are often abandoned in February.

But, luckily, we have a tip for getting past that! One of MyJane’s favorite products is nexRemedy, a topical serum that penetrates your skin more effectively than other CBD topical solutions. This serum was formulated to soothe sore muscles, which is especially helpful after a difficult exercise session. (Difficult is a relative term, here.)

You can stick to your exercise routine and wellness goals for longer this year with nexRemedy and the other MyJane wellness products available in our store.

Now You Know…

Starting slow and being consistent are key to seeing the most benefits from exercise, but it can be hard to be consistent when you’re sore and tired. But with help from MyJane and your own community of support, you can get started now and feel the real benefits of exercise in your life.

We believe in you!

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