Top 5 CBD Myths Explained

MyJane is a community that enables women to make informed choices about hemp CBD products. Part of that goal is to educate and inform about CBD, and the myths surrounding the hemp plant. Here are explanations of the top 5 CBD related myths that our customers are most curious about. Some are false and some are true, so read on to find out if your beliefs match up.

#1. CBD Will Get You High

CBD is a chemical compound found in the hemp plant that works as an anti-inflammatory and interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system. This does not get you high. The compound found in cannabis that does give you the giggles is called THC. This psychoactive chemical gives you the “high” feeling that people associate with the recreational drug, but it is not present in most CBD based products at a high enough concentration for you to feel any effects.

#2. CBD Is Illegal

In 2018, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, (aka the Farm Bill), legalized CBD derived from hemp plants that contain less than 0.3% THC concentrations on a federal level. While there are some states with stricter legislation on growing or producing CBD, only two states, Iowa and South Dakota, restrict CBD use entirely. For a full list of per-state CBD regulations, visit the National Conference of State Legislatures. We also recommend checking directly with your state laws for the most up to date information.

#3. CBD Is Healthy

The use of CBD as a health supplement has been common for many years. The research has yet to fully catch up to the anecdotal evidence for CBD’s positive effects on wellness, so it is hard to make a sweeping statement about any health benefits. However, many of our customers do notice a decrease in their pain and stress. We believe in the benefits to overall wellness that CBD can provide, and encourage you to try it and see if it works for you.

#4. CBD Is Not Scientific

While scientific research on CBD is racing to catch up, there have already been several studies on the effects of CBD on health. This research shows that CBD can be linked to a reduction in Alzheimer’s Disease, seizures and schizophrenia. The FDA even approved a pharmaceutical drug for epilepsy that is essentially purified CBD. As you can see, CBD is not spiritual mumbo jumbo and has proven effects beyond promoting relaxation or any placebo effects.

#5. CBD Products Are All About the Same

The CBD and cannabis industries are still very new. Since they’re just in the beginning stages, regulations are loose, or non-existent, and the quality of some CBD products is simply not up to snuff. Some products on the market may contain harmful chemicals, toxins, mold and pesticides. MyJane’s mission is to do the hard work for you with our extensive quality testing methodology by third party labs, as well as through the MyJane Experience Advisers Program, which allows regular women to take home CBD products, test them and provide feedback on the quality and experience of using these products. We provide a Certificate of Analysis for all our products directly on the product page of our site, so you can shop with confidence.

We at MyJane want to give women confidence and peace of mind – through education, accessibility, community and experience themed boxes in order to make informed health and wellness choices. Created by women, for women, our curated CBD boxes and individual products always come from the most reputable sources.

For more information on our curated CBD products and MyJane’s mission for women’s wellness, visit our site www.myjane.com and shop for the best hemp CBD products for women today.

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