Top 3 Father’s Day CBD Gift Ideas

Amazing fathers should be celebrated everyday, but of course we have set aside one day each year to dedicate to them. Every year on the third Sunday of June, we celebrate the incredible dads in our lives and take time to show them what they truly mean to us. 

So, what makes a great dad anyway? In our opinion, what makes a great father is someone who is present, loves and cares deeply. Being an amazing father is not and should not be correlated with how much money he makes, but rather how much love and care he provides to his family. Love can be quantified in many different ways depending on who you are as a person and what perspective you have. However, true love is always the same, no matter what. True love is unconditional and does not require much.  

Great dads are worth celebrating every day. Everything that they do for us if often forgotten – similar to amazing moms. So when it comes to Father’s day, what we should all give our awesome dads is love and support. But what else can you give to the man who means so much to you so that he feels appreciated? Dads, similar to moms, are always stressed out with endless to-do lists and responsibilities. Perhaps getting them thoughtful gifts that can help them relax and enjoy themselves is the best way to show them your love. 

We all know it’s not easy to shop for dad. they usually don’t need much and often don’t ask for anything specific. Once again, MyJane has come to the rescue with gift guides for all kinds of occasions, including Father’s Day! Below you will find the top 3 best CBD gift ideas for Father’s Day. These CBD products have been specially picked out for our incredible fathers and are not just any CBD product. MyJane has dedicated itself to using only clean, toxin and chemical free CBD in all of its products. Not only is this MyJane‘s ultimate practice, to ensure the company always makes and sells the best, but MyJane also does not partner with brands that do not practice the same level of care in their products. If it’s in the MyJane’s product catalogue, you can rest assured that the hemp CBD compound extract is genuine and tested by independent, third-party labs. MyJane’s CBD products always come with a Certificate of Analysis from the third-[arty lab as not only proof but a way to show transparency in ingredients and business practices. In addition to that, MyJane has a team of Experience Advisers who are part of a rigorous evaluation process from verifying plant and product origins, accuracy, and efficacy. The CBD in all MyJane products do not contain pesticides, mold, or heavy metals and are always from the USA. Can’t get any better than that! No worries going forward because MyJane has done all the heavy lifting for you so that all you have to do is get your gift for dad ready and truly love and enjoy your time with him on his special day. Check out the list of the top 3 best CBD gift ideas below. 

The luxurious and quality hemp CBD infused massage candles are truly one of a kind. Gifting dad a candle may seem interesting, but this isn’t just any regular candle. This errb+ candle is meant to be used as a massage oil. Amazing right? errb+ candles offer the highest concentration of CBD per ounce. They are available in three different sizes, including a travel-size, and are packaged in a beautiful gift ready box. The base is made of black porcelain with an innovative drip-free pouring lip. Let the warmth and deep absorption of this massage oil candle relieve and revive the entire body with a moisturizing and conditioning blend of 9 all-natural ingredients that are infused with Full Spectrum CBD oil. The dual-purpose candles help calm and relax dad’s mind, and transform into a massage oil to help relieve tension with the added benefits of CBD oil. Also, worry not as these beautiful candles come in a convenient tin for travel purposes, with the matching errb+ patent-pending, drip-free pour spout that makes the candle a truly functioning massage oil. 

The nexRemedy topical serum is another no-brainer for every dad. nexRemedy’s powerful breakthrough formula is made with hemp-cannabinoid, is non-greasy and odorless. This Enhanced Transdermal Serum (L.E.T.S) is scientifically proven to penetrate the layers of the skin, delivering active ingredients directly to the joints and muscle areas. There is actual research that indicates that the active ingredients in nexRemedy are delivered 6x faster compared to other similar CBD topical products within a 24-hour period. To top it all off, nexRemedy is non-toxic, non-psychoactive, does not have artificial dyes or fragrances and is derived from Organic Industrial Hemp. Go for it, you nor dad will be disapointed. Every dad (really every adult) needs a nexRemedy bottle handy at all times. 

The MyJane Broad Spectrum CBD oil is the gift that keeps on giving. This flavored CBD tincture is made with the finest ingredients and produced with cutting-edge technology. As a result, this unique breakthrough formula has higher efficacy of absorption by the body. It is a wonderful gift and is well suited for anyone who wants to add quality CBD to their current supplement and wellness routine. The delicate taste of orange delicate taste of orange and cinnamon makes this CBD oil different from any other. Of course this high quality lab-tested product can be used orally or on the skin – whichever he prefers. We all want dad to stay healthy so that he can live his best life as long as possible; so get him MyJane’s CBD oil this Father’s Day and give him the ultimate gift of wellness. 

There you have it again! The research done for you with a simple list of the top 3 best CBD gift ideas for Father’s Day. Dad deserves it all and a thoughtful gift does not need to be expensive and it should be a gift that keeps on giving – just like the CBD products mentioned above. 

What are your plans for Father’s Day and how are you going to spoil your dad? Tell us in the comment section below, we always love to hear from you! 

At MyJane.com, all products are carefully selected, tested, and verified in order to ensure you receive the best quality CBD products

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