The Latest Wedding Trend: Hemp-Based Everything!

One of our favorite events to celebrate in anyone’s life is: a wedding. The glitz and glam, the romantic sentiments, the beautiful outfits… sounds like heaven!

A new wedding trend that has been emerging since the legalization of hemp-based products like CBD oil, is to include hemp-based elements in the wedding as a healthy, relaxing and, dare we say, fun addition to the party.

If you’re interested in participating in that trend, here are a few places you can add hemp-based CBD products to your wedding!

Drinks: I’ll Cheers to That!

Everyone loves a good cocktail, and a signature wedding cocktail can be a fantastic touch to make your wedding day truly memorable.

So, why not include CBD in your signature cocktail? Adding CBD to a cocktail is a great way to relax and enjoy any evening, and will make your wedding a unique experience for your guests. You can get a delicious cocktail recipe from our friend Sailene Ossman’s book CBD Cocktails: Over 100 Recipes to Take the Edge Off.

Remember that hemp-based CBD oils and extracts are not psychoactive and cannot get you high. Adding CBD to your guests’ beverages will simply help them to enjoy the night and feel more relaxed. 

As with any supplement, make sure your guests are informed of the addition, so that if they are undergoing special medical treatment, it does not interact with their medication! Not everyone will know if their medication will react with CBD, so making a non-CBD option of the same cocktail is a good idea, just in case. We think it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Gifts: Yes, Please. Thank You!

The best part of a wedding are the gifts! These are the items that you get to keep with you once the night is over, and they’re the best reminders of your special day.

Not only do your guests bring gifts to your wedding, but many brides and grooms give gifts to each other, to their bridal parties and to out-of-town guests that travel long distances for the wedding day.

Our Wedding Gift Recommendations:

The Girlfriends Box by MyJane for bridesmaids

The Dream Box by MyJane for out-of-town guests

The SheSurvival Box by MyJane for the bride or the bridal suite

The Romance Box by MyJane for the honeymoon

Hemp-Based Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

While adding CBD to your wedding sounds like a fun trend, we do want to caution you about knowing your audience. If most of your guests have never even heard of CBD, you don’t want to overwhelm your loved ones. Stick to the following do’s and don’ts for adding CBD to your wedding, and you’ll be fine!

Do: Post signs and let people know you’ll be serving CBD at the wedding and that there are no psychoactive ingredients in hemp CBD.

Don’t: Put CBD into your guests’ food and beverages without them knowing.

Do: Explain why CBD is included in your wedding. Personal stories about why you love it will encourage your guests to try it out!

Don’t: Miss the chance to educate your guests and share your experiences with them.

Do: Offer non-CBD options as well.

Don’t: Forget about the people who might not want to partake.

Do: Exercise restraint. You don’t need to have CBD oil in everything.

Don’t: Be heavy-handed. Less is more!

Adding hemp-based CBD oil to your wedding is a great idea! Check out our bride page for more information on MyJane and weddings.

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