The 3 Steps to Create a Vision Plan for 2021 with Cyn Hannah

Many of us started last year with the idea that 2020 was going to be a fantastic time of growth and positive change. And then, the pandemic hit. Undeterred, we put a positive spin on the safer-at-home mandate. “Now I’ll have time to finally finish my novel, start that podcast, learn how to bake a loaf of sourdough from scratch, and do all the things I never had time to do before!”

Well, now that it’s been almost an entire year, we have to say that finding that motivation again for THIS new year feels really daunting.

Luckily, we have Cyn Hannah, a transformational life coach, and one of our favorite speakers here at MyJane. She spoke to us about setting goals and achieving a vision for 2021 in a virtual Hempowerment event a few weeks ago. Here’s her advice for making the most of this new year, and the rest of our lives!

What is a Vision?

It is important, according to Cyn, to have clear, distinct, decided goals for what we want to achieve; otherwise, life just happens to us. She says that our goals and dreams stem from two different growth signals in our lives: longing and discontent. Longing comes from things we haven’t created yet and discontent from the circumstances we currently have in our lives.

Listening to these two feelings will inform the goals we want to achieve, the dream we want to live, and it can point us in that direction.

Now, a vision is more encompassing than just our goals. A vision is about our whole life, and helps determine our goals.

How Do I Achieve My Vision?

Cyn helped us to determine the essential keys that will bring sustainable success, whether it’s financial success, relational success and beyond.

The first essential key to success is to determine our Vision.

Having a vision will keep us focused and give us a place to direct our attention. Without a vision, our attention will stay on the past, on our experiences, and on the results we have had. Then we end up using our current results or our history as a template, from which we get the same results over and over.

Cyn talked about our Reticular Activating System, which is portion of the brain that is designed to find what we are looking for and not pay attention to anything else. So, if we are looking for bad things to happen, that’s all we see. When we focus on our vision, we start to see the opportunities that help to make our vision come true.

But how do we decide our vision for 2021? First, think of what would give us the most fun, abundant and joyful life. Second, we must suspend the “How?” By removing the thoughts of “How will this happen?” from our thoughts, we can remove the limitations of condition based thinking. The ‘how’ doesn’t matter!

Third, to choose a vision for 2021, we should pick one of the four domains of our lives: Relationships, Wellbeing/Health, Vocation, and Time/Money Freedom, and write down a statement that begins with, “I am so happy and grateful now that…” in the present tense, so that our minds are focused on this vision being real and present rather than always waiting for it to happen in the future.

The last step in choosing a vision for 2021, is to know what ties this particular vision to our lives on an emotional level, because an emotional reason will motivate us far more than a practical or logical reason.

We must have a burning desire for our vision, because we will need to step outside our comfort zones and grow in order to make our vision a reality.

The second essential key is to decide! When we truly decide to go for this vision, rather than a lukewarm “I’ll try” mentality, our energy changes and things will move forward. Opportunities for our vision to happen will come out of the blue. Have you ever experienced a time where you decided to do something without any idea of how to do it, and then things came out of the blue to support you?

That is the power of deciding.

The third essential key is action. Taking action seems obvious, but many times, we decide and then lose motivation because of our existing paradigms.

A paradigm is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over our habits, beliefs and thoughts. These paradigms keep us where we currently are, no matter how much we may want to change.

It’s almost impossible to see our paradigms on our own because we believe them to be true.

Some of the most common paradigms include confusion, distraction, delay (or perfectionism), dissuasion (who do you think you are, what will people think), overwhelm, fear, practicality, protection, and more. These can come from our own inner thoughts, or from others around us.

The truth is that we can overcome this by holding onto the emotional ties that gave us our vision, and by surrounding ourselves with support, like the MyJane community.

For more help with choosing the right vision for 2021, you can contact Cyn by visiting her website or sign up for a FREE Zoom workshop on Saturday, January 23 with Cyn at this link: www.cynhannah.com/3keys

If you learned something valuable from this blog, make sure to join us for our next virtual mixer full of amazing speakers, great community, and fun activities by signing up here: www.myjane.com/virtual-mixer/

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