CocoCanna Body Butter

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Get ready for your body to feel revived with this decadent hemp body butter. This multi-purpose CocoCanna body butter can be used anywhere from head to toes and on all skin types.

Use this luxurious CocoCanna body butter as a hair nourishing spa, a cuticle hydration, on your feet before a night out in heels, as an anti-aging face mask, or as a moisturizer alongside your skincare regime. This CocoCanna body butter seamlessly melts into your skin to nourish it and leave you with an irresistible glow!

This product is also part of the Girlfriend Box

Ingredients include: Coconut oil and 400mg Hemp Extract


How to Apply CocoCanna Body Butter

  • Apply all over, the CocoCanna butter melts into the skin to nurture and hydrate.
  • To use on hair, apply on hair and leave in for 30 minutes before washing and rinsing your hair.
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CocoCanna Skin Cure Candle Massage Oil

Set the right romantic mood with this exquisite candle that melts into a luxuriously creamy body massage oil that provides a blissful moment. One of MyJane’s favorites for its creamy coconut massage oil that is infused with CBD and botanical oil.  The CocoCanna Skin Cure Candle creates a nourishing sensation of peace and leaves your skin so soft.

Also found in the Romance Box by MyJane

Ingredients include Organic Virgin Coconut Wax, Hemp Extract (400 mg) Botanical Extracts: Vetiver.

How to Use the Cococanna Skin Cure Candle Massage Oil

  • Light candle, allow the wax to melt to the edges of the jar. 
  • Spoon into hand & apply to the skin. 
  • We recommend it be used for rituals, a massage oil, moisturizer, and/or as a salve.

Product can be purchased separately

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1 review for CocoCanna Body Butter

  1. Cara Raffele

    I swear by this product. It leaves my skin hydrated and smooth. I love applying it right after a shower, while my skin is slightly damp. I feel like it’s a daily, mini spa treatment!

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Coconut oil and 400mg Hemp Extract

Apply all over, butter melts into skin to nurture, heal and hydrate.

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