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Are you CannacuriousTM? Tune in to our MyJane MyStory podcast to learn from industry experts, leading health care professionals, influential advocates, major brands and every day people with extraordinary stories about their journeys.

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Episode 44: OC Talk Radio Demystifying products Derived From the Hemp Plants.

Helene Blanchette, President of MyJane, provides an overview of MyJane, how what happened in 2020 shaped the product line, and how the holiday collection came to life.  A 20-minute interview by Paul Roberts of OC Talk Radio that includes education on demystifying the products derived from the hemp plant, the endocannabinoid system, the products and business model of MyJane but above all, it is an homage to hard working women who had it even harder this year.

Episode 43: This Successful South Korean Cannabis CEO Emigrated To The US At Only 12 Years Old With Just One Bag

Today, we are fortunate to have with us a woman that is the definition of success.  Our guest, Susan Hwang is CEO of BEST Dispensary, Jamestown Center & Highley Holdings. Susan is a South Korean cannabis business entrepreneur who emigrated at age 12 to the United States. A cannabis industry stakeholder since 2012, Susan cultivates diversity and inclusivity in the cannabis space through her executive leadership roles. She serves as the Market Leader of Women Grow Phoenix and Women Grow Los Angeles, one of the largest professional networks in the cannabis industry. You will hear the story of a woman who has moved mountains and crossed oceans to be where she is today.

Episode 42: Award-Winning Cartoonist Adrienne Hedger Shares Her Insight On Her Creative Women’s Wellness Inspirations

Meet Adrienne Hedger, the award-winning cartoonist behind the wildly popular digital comic, Hedger Humor. Adrienne partnered with MyJane to imprint her comedic interpretation of modern life and women’s wellness on the new SheSurvival Box by MyJane – Hedger Humor Edition.Her work has been featured on BuzzFeed, Disney, HuffPo, Today, Yahoo! and Upworthy. Several of Adrienne’s cartoons also have become viral sensations, reaching tens of millions of people worldwide with her fresh take on motherhood, marriage, career, and growing older. Our MyJane MyStory interview is conducted by Cara Raffele, co-founder of MyJane and a women’s lifestyle leader. 

Episode 41: Emerald Forge Podcast Talks Heavy Restrictions CBD Brands Face In Today's Market

Meet two very dynamic men who also have their own podcast on which MyJane was interviewed last June. This month’s MyJane MyStory interview is more than a tit for tat, we invited these gentlemen for their innovative and creative thinking. They are helping brands navigate the complexity of marketing within the industry of Cannabis.

Hear Rico Montañez and James Jordan from The Emerald Forge Podcast provide key information on the restrictions young brands face on the market and how Rico and James can bring new perspectives to their marketing approach.

Episode 40: Our Guest Cheryl Hartley, Laughing Apothecary

Meet Cheryl Hartley, the Founder and CEO of the Laughing Apothecary in Washington state. She lives on an island a stone through away from Vancouver Canada where we first met. She is a Certified Cannabis Consultant – Cannabis University, Digital Marketer – Xerox Document University & Ryan Deiss Certified Digital Marketer Colorado Medical Marijuana Transplant 2009 – 2012 Boulder, Colorado. 

She will share her extraordinary story from the very hardship to happiness and success. This story is what the best warriors are made of.

What you will learn is how cannabis is what saved her after being stung by wasps over 500 times.  An incredible story of surviving the impossible.

Episode 39: Tina Frontado, Founder of Kopsun

Tina Fanucchi-Frontado is the CEO and co-founder of KopSun, a company dedicated to health and education on cannabis-related topics. After hearing her story on how she started in the industry, you will probably add warrior and activist on the right to medicate with cannabis to her qualification. KopSun supports the demystification of cannabis with online learning, monthly group events, on-site presentations, and provide brands with the KopSun Seal of Approval.