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Episode 39: Tina Frontado, Founder of Kopsun

Tina Fanucchi-Frontado is the CEO and co-founder of KopSun, a company dedicated to health and education on cannabis-related topics. After hearing her story on how she started in the industry, you will probably add warrior and activist on the right to medicate with cannabis to her qualification. KopSun supports the demystification of cannabis with online learning, monthly group events, on-site presentations, and provide brands with the KopSun Seal of Approval.

Episode 38 - Meet Autumn Shelton from Autumn Brands

Meet Autumn Shelton from Autumn Brands, a sixth-generation farmers company that started in Holland and in Santa Barbara. The family transferred generations of expertise from growing the finest tulips to producing pure, potent, quality strains of cannabis. Autumn is the Co-founder with the family Brands, together they embrace the values of fairness, honesty, and trust. One of the first women-owned cannabis businesses in the regulated market in California. She will share her story from hardship to success.  

Episode 37 - Kim Wellen CEO of Mantra Masks

Learn from the co-founder of Mantra-Masks, Kim Wellen, how a simple well controlled and well executed strategy landed the success of the well known CBD skin care Brand Mantra-Masks.  Our guest interviewer is Leigh-Anne Anderson of the KopSun group.  

Episode 36 - Helene Blanchette, President of MyJane on the Micro-Affiliate Program

Helene Blanchette, President of MyJane talks about the views and mission of MyJane on women helping women to wellness.  She also shares about the micro-affiliate program that MyJane launched on April 23rd, 2020 for women who want to earn an income from the comfort of their home.

Episode 35 - Linda Klumpers from Cannify

Interview with Linda Klumpers, CEO of Cannify. Learn the story of Cannify and its pioneer founder.  Linda is originally from Holland, she is a neuroscientist, has a diploma in pharmacology and has a PHD in Cannabinoid, a very rare specialty.  She is a published and award winning author who has brought and continues to bring valuable insights on this fascinating endocannabinoid system. We are honored to have her on our show MyJaneMyStory podcast.  

MyJane MyStory Ep 34 - Kyle Hudson

Listen in as we chat with Kyle Hudson, founder of Highlanders Distribution. Kyle is a veteran who came to the cannabis industry to help other vets due to the ...