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Are you CannacuriousTM? Tune in to our MyJane MyStory podcast to learn from industry experts, leading health care professionals, influential advocates, major brands and every day people with extraordinary stories about their journeys.

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Episode 51 - Meet Jill Woodworth -How cannabis changed my children's quality of life!

Podcaster. Chronicler of being human. Parent of 5, 3 of whom have Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), each with varying effect. Committed to giving voice to the underdog, the oppressed, those for whom being heard is crucial to survival and quality of life. Her podcast is Ranked on the Top 20 of Apple is Philippines, New Zealand and in China, with an enviable place in the USA on the top 200 medical/science podcast.

Jill, is sharing her incredible and courageous story with MyJane, a life paved with difficult decisions.

Episode 50: Meet Tiffany Watkins - Founder of Vanguard Media- on thriving to empower women

Meet Tiffany Watkins, aka LadyCanna. Former IT Professional, grassroots campaigner, long term cannabis Industry veteran, and founder of Vanguard Media Online.  

Vanguard is a media platform and magazine that's dedicated to Women in Cannabis.   They proudly showcase the efforts, innovation and creativity of all Women. Whether they are just getting started, or if they are veterans of the cannabis community, Vanguard is motivated to tell their stories. An inspiring women who breezed through the pandemic with resilience and passion.

Episode 49 - Gia Moron, the President of Women Grow, discusses what is next in NY State after legalization

Gia Moron, President of Women Grow. She oversees the company’s day-to-day operations and communications, education programming, and strategic partnerships. Prior to launching her PR firm and becoming President of Women Grow, she was a Media Relations Officer at the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. She is sharing what her role has been and continue to be in helping craft the blue print of what legalization of cannabis should look like for the NY state. 


Episode 48: Senator Hueso and Jim Bartell Discuss The Upcoming Senate Vote of Bill 311 Also Known As Ryan’s Law

It’s a special podcast, the honorable Senator Ben Hueso of the 40th district in California and Jim Bartell of Bartell & Associates to discuss the upcoming Senate Vote of Bill 311 also known as Ryan’s Law.  Learn how this new law may change forever your end of life rights and the love of a father behind it all.

Episode 47: This Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Now Serves as an Ambassador of the Cannabis Industry

Today our special guest is Nikki Lawley, a traumatic brain injury survivor who is now an ambassador and an educator on the cannabis industry. We will learn how, while working as a pediatric nurse in October 2016, she suffered both a traumatic brain (TBI) and whiplash injury that made her unable to work as a nurse ever since. In her words: Cannabis Saved My Life!

Episode 46: 'Canna Mom' Podcast Host Stops By to Talk About Becoming a Cannabis Ambassador

Today our special guest is a lawyer by trade, a cannabis ambassador by passion, and the host of a podcast called the Canna Mom Show. We are delighted to welcome Joyce Gerber to our own podcast MyJane MyStory. We are going to talk about the impact of becoming a cannabis ambassador in the plush environment of a Massachusetts suburb where cannabis is legal but the stigma is still very well alive.

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