MyJane’s Micro-Affiliate Program: Contributing to Women’s Prosperity and Livelihood

Every Monday, MyJane hosts a private webinar training. This training is highly exclusive, secretive and super elite.

Just kidding! The weekly training is for our Micro-Affiliate Program members, which is easy and free to join for all. These business support sessions and professional trainings range from topics regarding the CBD industry to marketing for their micro-affiliate businesses.

What is the Micro-Affiliate Program, you ask? It’s an opportunity designed to help women earn extra income easily, by selling the products they already love. Just use your affiliate link to get sales, and MyJane will process the order, ship out the package, and send you a monthly commission check.

Potential members of MyJane’s Micro-Affiliate Program, like yourself, may have concerns or questions about this opportunity. Here are answers to the most common questions that we get from prospective Micro-Affiliates.

What is the risk?

In truth, there is no risk at all! You don’t have to spend any money to join, and after signing up, there are no minimum sales requirements to continue your membership. If you make sales, you earn commission. If you don’t, then that’s fine! There’s no pressure.

What if I’m not good at sales?

At the start of this article we mentioned a training session. MyJane offers this professional training every week, and it is a great space to learn workable skills for sales, marketing and social media, both online and in person. You don’t have to be a professional saleswoman to make the most of this opportunity.

Also, you can always reach out to the women in your life that you know could benefit from MyJane products. It doesn’t have to be a “sales” position, but rather a “sharing” position, where you share the great products MyJane has to offer. Honestly, you were probably recommending it to your friends anyways, might as well make some money!

Why should I sell MyJane products?

In a nutshell, MyJane curates and offers the highest quality of hemp-based CBD products on the market, through a rigorous and uncompromising selection methodology, so that they are safe and clean, as well as meant for women. We offer quality assurance and third-party testing, with certification of product ingredients right on our website.

Also, our commitment to women’s wellness means that you know your participation is contributing to a great cause. Not only through International Sanctuary and Purpose Jewelry, but also through this very program.

There’s no upfront cost to join, no need to invest in stocking your own inventory and no need to recruit others to the program. This is not a multi-level marketing program, but rather an opportunity designed to help our community during a time when unemployment has been rising, and women need more ways to support themselves and their families.

The Micro-Affiliate Program comes with a lot of support, including the previously mentioned weekly trainings. Our Affiliate Dashboard provides detailed reports on the sales that your affiliate link generates, and you can keep track of your earnings easily based on commission data.

Commissions with MyJane are also higher than other affiliate programs, ranging from 10% to 30% of your sales, compared to the 2% to 10% market averages. This higher commission rate means that our Micro-Affiliate Program members are able to earn money more easily and more quickly.

Our commitment to women’s wellness is a 360-degree approach, and our Micro-Affiliate Program reflects that. Our curated CBD products meet high quality standards for your physical well-being, our partnership with International Sanctuary supports women’s restoration after surviving human trafficking and our Micro-Affiliate Program gives opportunity for fiscal and economic stability through hard times.

If you are ready to join MyJane’s Micro-Affiliate Program, you can sign-up here. Your application will be reviewed by a real person and they will get back to you in a few days.

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