MyJane Praises the Work of International Sanctuary: Empowering 179 Survivors of Human Trafficking

MyJane and International Sanctuary have been partners since December 2019, working together to bring women’s wellness to new heights. International Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers girls and women escaping human trafficking to embrace their true identity and worth.

International Sanctuary hopes to achieve this through education, financial opportunity, health, and community. They started their social enterprise, PURPOSE Jewelry, to provide survivors with income, valuable skills, and a sense of self-worth. Each step of the fulfillment process is managed by survivors of human trafficking, from production to inventory to shipping. Overall, International Sanctuary and PURPOSE Jewelry provided 16,166 days of work to survivors of human trafficking in 2019-2020, generating over $840K in revenue, which was then reinvested into the programs they provide.

MyJane includes a piece of PURPOSE Jewelry in each curated CBD box sold, which is hand-crafted and packaged by a survivor of human trafficking at one of International Sanctuary’s facilities.

Recently, International Sanctuary released their annual report, which showed that a total of 179 young women escaping human trafficking were served at their Sanctuaries in Orange County, CA, Uganda, India, and Mexico. Here are a few highlights from this amazing organization’s past year.

In 2019-2020, there were 122 new survivors who joined the International Sanctuary program, where they learned to heal, grow, work and thrive as they developed healthy relationships with their Sanctuary community.

The President and Co-Founder of International Sanctuary, Wendy Dailey, included this statement within the report that we at MyJane feel is particularly important to emphasize in order to contextualize the current threat to young girls being trafficked:

“As we look toward a post-COVID world, we know that more people are living in poverty and experiencing desperation, resulting in extremely vulnerable girls and women. International Sanctuary seeks to respond to this growing need, through intervention, before girls fall prey to this horror. Every woman deserves the right to live in hope, dignity, and freedom.” – Wendy Dailey

The need for this kind of organization, especially now, is growing more each day. According to the International Labour Organization, 40.3 million men, women and children are estimated to be victims of human trafficking around the world. Not just in third-world countries, either. This is happening everywhere. In fact, 80% of human trafficking victims and their traffickers from across America come to Orange County, CA.

International Sanctuary has seen great results since they began in 2007, helping to break the cycle of human trafficking by providing women with the opportunity to earn a stable income and keep moving forward on their path to true freedom. This specific purpose fills the gap that other organizations cannot provide, since they focus on providing shelter, counseling, legal services and basic needs, which is not quite enough to keep a woman independent enough to avoid falling prey to traffickers once again.

International Sanctuary continues to grow, with plans to open a new Sanctuary in the Philippines next year.

MyJane is so proud to support this wonderful organization, both by including PURPOSE Jewelry in each box, but also by donating a portion of our profits to their organization.

This partnership perfectly reflects MyJane’s ultimate goal of helping women live their fullest lives, whether by supporting social enterprises and non-profit organizations like this, or by curating the best possible hemp-based CBD products for women.

CBD Wellness for Women, MyJane.com

To shop for a MyJane box, which all include a beautiful piece from PURPOSE Jewelry, check out our online store. To find more ways to help our partner, International Sanctuary, visit their website here: https://www.internationalsanctuary.com/

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