Living Your Best Life: A Virtual Party for Us, June – Part 1

In mid-June, MyJane hosted our third virtual event to bring together women in celebration of our successes and to discuss the unique challenges presented by today’s health crisis. A couple of our speakers had a lot of great things to say about how women’s bodies and minds can be connected, and ways to live well.

Herbalist and Wellness Expert, Jovanka Ciares

The Mind-Body Connection with Jovanka Ciares

As a bilingual integrative herbalist, wellness expert and executive health coach Jovanka Ciares explains how women’s psychological maps affect their body image, their emotions, and their balance.

Jovanka says that three types of constitutions exist in Ayurveda: vata, pitta and kapha. These three types – or doshas – represent the biological energies found in the human body and mind, and each of us has a unique combination of the three.

  • Vata facilitates the energy of air and comes from the top third of the body. It has to do with communication, mental health, and creativity. When the vata is not in balance, it can produce fear and anxiety, mood swings and impulsion. People whose constitutions are mostly vata can be highly creative when in balance.
  • Pitta represents the energy generated through the body’s own metabolism. This is the energy of movement and fire, so people governed by this type are often active, energetic and lively. They are also more often successful in business and highly driven. When out of balance, one’s pitta can provoke feelings of anger or even red-faced, hot-headed behavior.
  • Kapha maintains the immune system, circulation, sexuality and hydration. This energy is associated with wisdom, and is a slow and sturdy energy. When in balance, Kapha-imbued people express nurturing, forgiveness and compassion. When out of balance, a Kapha dominant may feel insecure and can feel stagnation. People with kapha dominant constitutions may be bigger naturally, night owls, and introverts.

Everyone’s body contains all three, but the triad is ever-shifting and fluctuating. When these doshas are out of balance, it can lead to mental, emotional or physical distress and disease.

Jovanka encouraged women to accept their natural body types and reject the idea of having to fit into a mold. It is in this mindset of acceptance that we can live our best lives. It’s important also to accept others as they are and resist the temptation to interpret others’ dosha as something in opposition to oneself. Rather, open up to understand that others may have distinct preferences that help them live their best life.

As a gift to the MyJane community, Jovanka offered up her free ebook, “Fight Anxiety & Stress Increase Energy & Productivity With Herbal Remedies.” Download it here. Follow Jovanka on Instagram to keep up with her.

Comedian Actress and Writer, Kiki Melendez

Laughter and Inspiration with Comedian Kiki Melendez

Kiki is an actress, comic, producer, director and an author. She brought all her amazing talents to our party to inspire us, share her personal journey and make us laugh! As an entertainment industry veteran, Kiki has had her share of ups and downs, but through it all, she’s been steadfastly committed to supporting and greenlighting projects from multicultural content producers. She’s the founder of OmniCultural TV Fest, an industry deal-making event that launched in 2019.

Kiki offered up some great advice to all of us coping with uncertainty and conflict. She said, “Now is the time to reinvent ourselves and to do the things we always wanted to do, but didn’t have the time to do it. Now is not the time to lose yourself, but instead time to become your bigger, better self and to follow your dreams.” Great advice from a pro!

You can catch her movie, “Journey of a Female Comic,” on Amazon Prime, Roku and Tubi.
Follow Kiki on Instagram at @KikiMelendez.

Our speakers during our last “A Virtual Party for Us” were full of insight into how we as women can live our best lives during this pandemic and beyond. By understanding ourselves more fully and choosing to see the opportunities to laugh, grow, and achieve our dreams as they come, we are able to truly live well.

To see the full recorded event use the password and link below, and be sure to join us in a couple weeks for the next “A Virtual Party for Us”!

Listen to the full recording of June’s My Virtual Party for Us here.
Password: 4f#J!#?9

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