Learn and Play with CBD: MyJane HEMPowerment Mixer, July – Part 1

MyJane hosted the fourth monthly installment of the Women’s HEMPowerment Mixer on July 16 (previously called A Virtual Party for Us) to educate, support, and celebrate our community of women helping women.

Headshot of Emily Gogol, PH.D. and Hemp Scientist

Demystifying the Hemp Plant, Its Compounds and Benefits with Emily Gogol, Ph.D.

Emily Gogol, Ph.D., is the founder and CEO of the hemp nursery, Infinite Tree, and is a scientist and cannabis educator. Emily gave a presentation to demystify hemp plants, covering three areas to expand attendees’ knowledge of hemp.

  1. Defining Hemp
    Botanically, hemp and cannabis are the exact same plant, cannabis sativa. They are as different from each other as red and yellow tomatoes (meaning, they’re not). Legally, however, hemp is defined as having less than 0.3% THC, or the compound known for evoking that feeling of being high.
  2. Quality Counts
    “Garbage in, garbage out.” Because the CBD industry is loosely regulated, CBD products can vary wildly in quality. MyJane, she says, is great for ensuring the quality and safety of their products, making absolutely sure that mold, lead or other harmful ingredients are not present in their products.
  3. Compounds and Benefits
    We learned about the different parts of hemp and cannabis, including terpenes, CBD, THC and other compounds found in the plant.

Emily’s masterclass on hemp ended with a giveaway of hemp seeds from her program, “Grow It from Home,” which you can grow in your backyard or home garden.

Headshot of Sailene Ossman, Author and Cannabis Educator

100 CBD Cocktails to Make This Summer with Sailene Ossman

Sailene Ossman is an author, cannabis advocate and founder of the Glowing Goddess Getaway in Joshua Tree, where women can fully retreat into an immersive cannabis experience. She taught attendees how to craft a refreshing cucumber, mint and CBD mocktail, perfect for summer.

Before she dove into the recipe a la Bobby Flay, she gave some background on her experiences, both personal and professional, with cannabis.

As a teenager, she was in a car accident that left her on a respirator, with a 24-hour respiratory therapist. Sailene learned that cannabis induced coughing, the same effect of prescription-based bronchial dilators. By thinking of cannabis as medicine, she was able to replace prescription pain medications with cannabis once she left the hospital.

As an adult, Sailene worked in the medical cannabis industry and started the Glowing Goddess Getaway in Joshua Tree, where she was commissioned to write the book, “CBD Cocktails: Over 100 Recipes to Take the Edge Off.” Her book is full of educational information as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic CBD drink recipes, and is available on Amazon now. One of our participants received a copy of her book for free!

CBD Cucumber-Mint Refresher Recipe

1 bunch of fresh mint
1 tablespoon diced cucumber
2 oz. fresh lime juice plus wedge for garnish
2 oz. simple syrup (mint added)
5 drops of CBD (mint flavored if available)
4 oz. tonic water
Ice cubes

Add mint, cucumber, lime juice, simple syrup and CBD drops to shaker. For the CBD drops, Sailene recommends starting out “low and slow” with three drops. Determine how this dose affects you before adding more drops to your drinks. After muddling (mashing) the mint and cucumber concoction, fill the shaker with ice cubes and shake well. Pour the mixture into your glass and add tonic water over the top. Garnish with a mint leaf or lime wedge and enjoy!

To see the full recorded event, use the password and link below, and be sure to join us on Aug. 21 for the next Women’s HEMPowerment Mixer!

Password: 7g&9*34=

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