Laughter is the Second Best Medicine!

With COVID-19 cases rising every day, and our economy in turmoil, the stress of just existing can be too much, sometimes. In those times, escaping into comedy and laughter can be one of the best ways to cope.

As a CBD wellness company aimed at helping women live better, MyJane is no stranger to stress-relief techniques, and our goal in recent months has been to help women get through these stressful times as painlessly as possible. One of our methods is, of course, by curating the best quality CBD products on the market and providing complete transparency to the ingredients, companies, and testing of those products. Another method we love, though, is to make our customers laugh!

Comedy and entertainment are precious in times of stress and struggle. Here are a few ways to get some laughs that will lighten your spirits and decrease the doom and gloom that surround us these days.

Streaming a Comedy Show

Rather than a comedic movie or film, an episodic series will provide small doses of laughter and fun over an extended period of time. If you find a series you love, you can re-watch it over and over again, or just watch your favorite episodes.

Many of us at MyJane like to spread out our shows, only watching an episode or two each time. This is partially because our schedules are too busy to binge watch an entire series, but it’s also a great way to make the entertainment last. Each day we get a new episode to look forward to, and having that anticipation increases the enjoyment!

Here are a couple shows that we recommend, along with a quick description. You can find all of these on Netflix!

Photo credit: Spoiler TV

Grace and Frankie – This is a series about two women, Grace and Frankie, whose husbands were law partners for many years. Suddenly, their husbands reveal that they are lovers and want a divorce. The show follows these two vastly different women who learn to lean on each other as they go through this unique and shared experience of total life upheaval. Emotional and relatable, the comedy in this series is based on real life challenges and relationships that women deal with as we age.

Photo credit: NBC

The Good Place – Do you know what happens when we die? This comedy series is all about the afterlife, and answering the question: Are you a good person? This style of comedy can verge on the ridiculous, but is centered around likeable characters who are just doing their best. Something we can all relate to! It’s fun and thoughtful and very witty. Well worth a watch.

SheSurvival Box content

SheSurvival Box by MyJane: The Hedger Humor Edition

The SheSurvival Box by MyJane has been a popular choice for our customers these past few months. The CBD products are held to a high standard of quality, like all MyJane products, and the box contents are curated with the intent of relieving your stress and giving you a moment of “me time” that can take you away from your daily frustrations and worries.

Each of the products in this box is accompanied with a cartoon or card created by our friend Adrienne Hedger, the famous cartoonist. Hedger Humor cartoons highlight the ridiculous, dramatic and everyday situations that make life interesting and fun.

Some of the products included in this essential box are: Vital Leaf Full Spectrum CBD Capsules, a Cannafloria Be Calm Inhalation Pouch, a Kush Queen Bath Bomb, and of course a piece of jewelry from PURPOSE Jewelry, our partners from International Sanctuary who fight against human trafficking by giving women a chance to earn an income and learn a valuable skill.

For a limited time, you can purchase 5 Hedger Humor Edition SheSurvival Boxes by MyJane and get one free! The promo code will be automatically applied to your cart at checkout.

Now, that should make you smile!

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