Iris Stewart asked Our President, Hélène Blanchette: What steps do you take to create more equality for women?

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Iris Steward: “What steps do you think you’ll take, personally to create more equality for women?”

Hélène Blanchette: “Well, this is something I do every day. As you know, the company I lead is a company that helps women’s brands, women’s wellness…that tries to help women to supplement their income. We try to raise the women from International Sanctuary…to give them a life again. 

I have only women staff. I definitely do not have anything against men, you know, I would hire men too. That’s not the point here. However, I do have a tendency to bring in women because I want them to grow and to become leaders. I want them to feel what it is to be a leader. So, I try to really groom them to be leaders, very quickly. I mean, I have one that just started 48 hours ago and she’s already thinking, ” well, you know, I feel like a manager now.” It has just been 48 hours! This is because right away, I said you are going to shadow me and Let’s Go! That’s the kind of thing I could do as much as possible.

What we do for all the women that are within our channel of sales, affiliate partners- we give them training on a weekly basis, completely free. We give them training on how to be better in business, how to do social media…we bring in doctors for knowledge, manufacturers, and even celebrities. Every week something/someone new, that’s going to teach them something about how to be good in business so that they succeed. Even if they’re at home, or if they have kids and they have to stay home.

We do that for free. Sometimes they don’t believe it. It’s like, Oh my God, what’s the catch? There’s no catch. We just want to bring women to a capacity of having choices, even if they are at home.”

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