How this CEO Incorporates CBD Products to Promote Mindfulness in Skincare

In recent years, the skincare industry has been met with a surge of consumer interest, following, and speculation. Gone are the days of women blindly buying editorial-recommended skincare products without reading the ingredient list first— women are now taking initiative in educating themselves on the specific ingredients that they’re putting on their skin. 

With good reason, too. Our skin is so much more than a mere vessel that we take care of in order to be made up in an aesthetically pleasing way. It’s a part of us and our entire being. Women engage in daily skincare rituals because it is a form of self-worship— it is a mindful way of taking care of our body, mind, and spirit. Because after all, as the old adage says, true beauty starts from within. 

This is the key phrase that Kim Wellen, co-founder and CEO of Mantra Mask, has always stood by in the creation of her signature skincare product and company. 

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Kim Wellen graduated college with a background in nutrition, an aspect of her life that has served as a constant backdrop with regard to her interest in health and wellness. She initially worked for a pharmaceutical company for 12 years, before exploring her passion for skincare. She then moved on to work as a lab assistant for Dr. Hal Simeroth at a high-end skincare company for another 9 years, a time in which she was able to garner the knowledge and insight to move forward and establish her own company.

Wellen started her journey into the skincare industry with the help of her then-16-year-old daughter. They brainstormed for some time in deciding what product would ultimately become the signature of the company, before landing on the sheet mask. 

Together they began noticing the sheet mask’s spike in popularity, with the product being sold in a multitude of different stores at a range of price points. What they noticed most, however, was the lack of quality sheet masks that suited a wide range of skin types— most of the masks on the market were produced with questionable ingredients and effectiveness.

From there, the mother-daughter-duo collaborated in establishing the signature brand, Mantra Mask. The company is named after the belief that beauty starts from within, and is cultivated by daily positive affirmations. Wellen’s daughter, an artist and absolute ray of sunshine in her mother’s life, designed both the logo and packaging of Mantra Masks. Additionally, each package contains a card with a positive, uplifting mantra—hence, the name. 

According to the company’s website, Mantra Mask combines naturally derived elements with one of the hottest beauty trends to create a mask with powerful skin-healing properties. CBD, or cannabidiol, is derived from cannabis and is well-regarded for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nature.

Wellen didn’t formulate the product ingredients on her own, however. Together with her old colleague and friend, Dr. Simeroth, they were able to produce numerous masks consisting of 20-30 all-natural ingredients unique to each mask. Each mask has an aloe base, as opposed to the water base that most sheet masks have, which makes the mask much more moisturizing than its competitors. 

And of course, each mask has the main ingredient that we advocate, the shining star that is CBD. Wellen incorporates 30 mg of CBD in each mask, the magic amount that provides amazing benefits to the skin. The CBD in the masks helps in creating an experience of relaxation for the person wearing the mask, while also promoting anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties in the skin by decreasing excessive oil production. 

The Mantra Mask ultimately works inside and out on the wearer to reach an all-encompassing feeling of beauty and self-love. The experience begins before one puts the mask on their face— it begins the moment you receive the package and open it to find a positive mantra— and it doesn’t end once you discard the mask. The indulgent, relaxing, and beautifying feeling of this product stays with you so long as you believe in the mantra that you have been gifted with your package. 

Wellen’s main advice to fellow women who want to enter the business world of CBD and/or CBD skincare is, “You can never do this alone. It takes a village.” She says that entering the business world is tough, and that you’ll need a team of supporters and cheerleaders to make your visions come true. She attributes her success to her collaborations with her daughter (who of course designed the visual elements of Mantra Masks at 16), Dr. Hal Simeroth (whose know-how of the science behind skincare ingredients is integral to the brand’s entire ethic), her PR agency (Anderson PR Group), and to all of her retired friends that she brought on in order to grow her company (through learning the logistics of social media and social media marketing). 

Clearly, Wellen has been following her own advice in managing her company and is reaping the benefits of her ever-growing success in the CBD skincare market. Mantra Masks are now available in high-end spas and many popular stores— including Urban Outfitters, American Eagle Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Planet Beauty. They have reached thousands of clients with their products, and the number is only growing exponentially with the buzz surrounding this phenomenal CBD product. 

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