How Cannabis Helped a CEO After Being Stung by Wasps Over 500 Times

Meet Cheryl Hartley, the Founder, and CEO of the Laughing Apothecary in Washington State. She lives on an island a stone’s throw away from Vancouver Canada. Ms. Hartley is a Certified Cannabis Consultant from the Cannabis University, a Digital Marketer, and an absolute survivor. 

So what got Ms. Hartley into the cannabis industry?

The impressive story starts a little over ten years ago now. While working on her Seattle-based Alpaca farm, clearing brush while sweating in 103-degree heat, she barely noticed she’d sustained several scratches on her arms and shoulders, let alone the first initial warning stings from the nearby wasps. 

Little did the tough Alpaca farmer know, she was dangerously close to an active wasp hive that was preparing to attack in just a moment. 

Cannabis Saved a CEO After Being Stung by Wasps Over 500 Times
A wasp hive similar to what Ms. Hartley encountered.

Then, it happened… hundreds of wasps rushed her.

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“At first I didn’t really feel the stings. I thought it was just the sweat from working so hard. It was a hot summer day in Seattle”

Cheryl Hartley

Storming out of her woodpile, the hundreds upon hundreds of wasps attacked. Due to her rate of perspiration, the scent of her pheromones added to wasps hungry as they pierced her skin with their sharp self-defense-driven stingers over 500 times. 

What are pheromones?    

Pheromones are hormones that when secreted, impact a variety of behavior from various species. 

Due to Ms. Hartley’s pheromone production, this attracted more and more wasps’ attention. 

Soon, there would be a full-on deadly insect pursuit on her life. 

Alone, paralyzed, and clinging onto dear life, the brave farmer managed to stagger home and swallow a few Benadryl tablets to help combat any anaphylactic shock that may occur. 

Due to the sting’s neurotoxin, Ms. Hartley had zero fight or flight reaction in her sympathetic nervous system. It was her sheer will to continue to move that would ultimately save her life. 

wasp sting, MyJane
A wasp stinging a human epidermis.

She laid in bed and began to pray as she was preparing to exit this world. Eventually, she lost consciousness due to her wounds and woke up two days later. During that dreadful time, she was unable to remove the remaining wasp stingers from her swollen and venom-soaked skin. 

This resulted in the stingers continuing to pump their neurotoxins into her body.

After three weeks of bed rest, she managed to drag herself to the doctor’s office to seek medical care. Due to the amount of venom in her body, the doctors remarked she had the equivalent of ten chemotherapy treatments in one ten minute session.

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Hartley states the doctors recommended she be placed on Xanax for the rest of her life to combat her PTSD as well as place her on dialysis to clean out her blood from the high amounts of venom still in her system. 

However, this was not an option for the suffering Alpaca farmer. 

Fortunately for her, she was in contact with several acupuncturists and natural healers. Since her body was immobile at the time, her network of healers came to her home and rendered the much-needed care. 

After having a cupping session, the healers managed to additionally remove a quarter of a cup of a tarry substance from her body. Due to the positive results, Ms. Hartley became interested in these natural healing processes. 

During her recovery process, the stock market crashed, she had lost her job, a relationship, and unfortunately, her Alpaca farm. Just when she believed nothing would get better, her phone rang. On the other end, a dear friend reached out from Colorado and mentioned a newly formed program centered around medical-grade cannabis looking for individuals suffering from PTSD.

After what Cheryl had been through, she was already a clear candidate for treatment. At that point, she decided to pack up her belongings and made her way to the open-minded state of Colorado. 

After being officially accepted into the program, the medical doctors placed Cheryl under specific strains of cannabis to start her much-needed therapy. After just a few weeks, the medical-grade CBD felt like it was showing positive effects.

“I wasn’t jumping out of my skin anymore.”

Cheryl Hartley

Due to the positive CBD productivity, Cheryl informed the doctors she was looking into receiving acupuncture instead of dialysis. The doctors were concerned as they feared if she were stung one more time, they were unsure if her body could take any more abuse.

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For the longest time, Ms. Hartley was in a constant state of panic causing her body’s soft tissue to swell which caused her further panic. Luckily, the CBD relaxing effect and anti-inflammatory agents helped with her recovery.

For her, the CBD treatment resulted in three crucial factors:

  • It helped rejuvenate her wounded body.
  • She also felt as if her mind was calming down.
  • Her spiritual side was also elevated.

According to Ms. Hartley, the CBD treatment began to work immediately. 

“I remember going to the dispensary and I was so panicked I could barely get out of the car.”

Cheryl Hartley

Showing signs of PTSD, the dispensary welcomed her and introduced a high-level CBD flower. Within two applications from her vaporizer, Ms. Hartley’s anxiety started to lower within moments. 

Although Ms. Hartley is continuing on her road to recovery, her new mission is to introduce other people to find their health and wholeness. This new endeavor inspired her to create the Laughing Apothecary. 

Today, Ms. Hartley is remarried to the love of her life, lives peacefully with financial stability, and joined the MyJane Affiliate Partner Program. 

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