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Not too long ago, “girls’ night” meant getting dressed up and going out to a bar or club with friends for a night of fun. These days, girls’ night means anything but that. Since going out is not an option, many women are spending their nights alone at home or with their families and roommates. If you’re feeling stuck in that rut, try having a girls’ night in instead of a girls’ night out with the friends you love and miss.

Have a fun girls’ night in with your friends by hosting a virtual party. MyJane hosts one monthly, called the Women’s HEMPowerment Mixer. But after days full of Zoom work meetings, how do you turn a video chat into a special celebration? Here are some of our favorite ways to kick the party into high gear.

Movie Night? Yes, Please!

Any night-in is made better with a good movie. Now with Netflix Party, you can watch your group’s favorite movie together, but apart. Make sure to pick something uplifting rather than something too serious – we all need a moment of escape these days. Some of our favorite picks include the newly released “Eurovision Song Contest” with Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams and the cult classic “Clueless” with Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash. Both are entertaining ways to escape the current “coping with COVID-19” cycle. If you want to make this a regular thing, a TV series can also be a good choice! We like “Orange Is the New Black” and “She’s Gotta Have It” for their humor and excellent storylines.

I’m Only Here for the Food

What’s a party without refreshments? With restaurant delivery services, you can enjoy a delicious meal together by getting your favorite take-out or binge-worthy junk food delivered right to your door. From pizza to Pad Thai, you can get whatever you’re craving. For our office, we love to get Flaming Hot Cheetos and dip them in cream cheese. It sounds very weird, but it’s so good, trust us. Don’t forget to get some sweets, too. Mochi ice cream and specialty cupcakes are good choices because they come in predetermined portion sizes, so you can have a little or a lot – we vote for a lot!

Big Mood

Nothing sets a party’s mood like a classic scent! If all your friends have the same Vanilla Candle and Gold Votive sold by MyJane, you’ll all be joined through the same delicious vanilla aroma in the air, no matter how far apart you may feel. Plus, the little flame dancing around inside the gold votive will make you feel luxurious and pampered on a budget. Pro tip: Light your candles at the same time to evoke the magic of women working together, like Sandra Bullock in “Practical Magic.”

Wear Your Face Masks!

This time we’re not talking about medical face masks to protect you from the coronavirus (although you really should wear one of those whenever you’re outside or unable to social distance indoors). Right now, we’re talking about skin treatments. Mantra masks sold by MyJane can give you that centered moment and step up your selfie game by giving you glowing, smooth and hydrated skin. Plus, nothing’s funnier than seeing all your friends wear one, trying to prevent the slippery sheet slide around their face as they talk!

There are tons of ways to get creative with your virtual girls’ night in. If you want to get extra fancy, send everyone a SheSurvival Box by MyJane. It has all the goodies you need to make your night-in extra special, and you’ll gain the bonus of seeing your friends open a gift they didn’t expect!

Find more MyJane products for your perfect night alone or with friends here.

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