Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do I need to be an influencer with a lot of followers to be in the Affiliate-Partnership Program?

A: No, this program is opened to any women in the USA who wish to have a business and sell the MyJane products using her personal code. It can be done online on a website or on social media or it can be done in a home party or other channels. As long as your transaction is done through our website and the code is added at the end before finishing the cart payment, it will be registered to your name and will be commissioned.

Q: How do you know it is me who referred the client?

A: Your code and also your personal URL reference (if you have a website) will be the link that follows the transaction. All traffic and transactions can be traced if the personal code or personal url is used.

Q: Do I need to fill a W9 form?

A: Once you have registered and are approved, you will need to fill the W9 (unless you have a company’s selling permit). All individual affiliates need to fill a form and at the end of the fiscal year you will receive from us a 1099 statement with all the revenue you generated. This required by the IRS.

Q: If I sell multiple items or boxes during a month and achieve above the $180 segment, lets say I sold $200, do I get 10% on $180 and 15% on the remaining $20 or do I get 15% on the full amount of $200?

A: You get the 15% on the full amount of $200 (example). We review the sales done in one month and the commission is payed according to the full amount of the month and not the segments.

Q: How long does it take to get approved or rejected?

A: We need from 1 to 5 business days to manually research and approve applicants

Q: Why did my application get rejected?

A: We may reject your application if we determine (in our sole discretion) that you or your affiliation are not suitable for the Program or the brand for any reason, including, but not limited to, the inclusion of content that is, in our opinion, unlawful or otherwise violates our Affiliate Influencer Agreement, Standards of Conduct Policy, Social Media Endorsement Policy, or any other applicable policy. See terms and condition agreement.

Q: If my application is rejected, may I re-apply another time?

A: No, we do not allow people to re-apply if they were first rejected.

Q: May I follow the progress of my sales and the activities made using my code?

A: Yes absolutely. Once your application is approved, you will be able to login to your personal dashboard that tracks all the transactions and visits that you refer. We encourage you to visit your dashboard regularly to see and monitor your progression.

Q: How do affiliates get paid?

On your dashboard in your settings, you’ll need to enter your preferred email address for payments to be issued. The very first time we issue payment for sales generated, you’ll receive an email to accept the payment via Paypal. Once accepted, this payment and all future payments will be transferred via Paypal. 

Alternatively, we can send a check by mail. If you prefer a check, simply send an email to [email protected]. Please include your full name and affiliate number as a reference.

Q: How can I learn about affiliates if I am new to this concept?

You have many sources of information such as YouTubes and Google Search but we found a good blog that is explaining the basic. https://www.accelerationpartners.com/blog/affiliate-marketing-faqs-for-beginners

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