Dr. Mary Clifton Answers: Does CBD affect women differently than men?

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Dr. Mary Clifton- “It’s different person-to-person. It appears to be a genetic difference related to the number of CB receptors that a person has in their body. There does appear to be a genetic relationship with that. Where if you have a high level of CB receptors, you may be more responsive to using CBD.

You may have heard from people that it didn’t work for them, but then when you talk to them, they only used a drop or two. They never actually titrated anything up to a reasonable level and never really gave it a good try, but there are some people who do give it a good try and say that it doesn’t work.

That’s probably because of their genetic level of CB receptors. You might talk to people who need a lot less and people who need a lot more. That’s certainly an experience that I have all the time. And that oftentimes it relates to the enzymes that are in the body systems.

You know the enzymes that break down fatty acids. If you have a lot of fatty acids, I mean, hydrolase, then the duration of results that you get from using CBD is going to be longer and, or will be shorter in the presence of a lot of breakdown. Or if you have less of the enzyme that breaks it down, you may experience a longer result with a little bit less product, but the difference, you know, from men to women is probably not significant.

Genetic things that are really more individualized to person, to person, but women certainly have a lot of CB receptors located throughout the pelvis. So it seems to be an area of the body that’s very responsive to using cannabinoids.

And certainly the body is very good at dialing up the number of CB receptors at times of pain and inflammation and dialing down those numbers of CB receptors at other times. I’ve had patients tell me that they’ve used CBD or other cannabinoids when they have an injured knee and they’ll actually find that their knee is tingling and they’re having a particular sensation of healing over the area of their knee.

I’ve had people tell me that, with intra-abdominal things. You know, such as, pelvic cramping or gut problems. Once they use a product like this, they get such a nice result from using the product with the way that it tends to direct itself to where it needs to go.” 

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