Dr. Dung Trinh Answers: Why Does CBD Work For Seizures?

Why does CBD work for seizures?

Transcript of video:

2019 was the year that the FDA approved the first CBD medication. This medication had gone through the full FDA process and had gotten approval. It is a tincture. Epidiolex. What does it treat? Epidiolex is a tincture- under the tongue. It is approved for childhood seizures, a very specific type of seizure in children. The question is why does the CBD work for seizures? Does anyone know why CBD works for seizures? You have to think, What is a seizure? A seizure is when the brain is firing, firing, and firing…over-actively firing, right? It’s an overactive firing brain cell. That’s what a seizure is. Your brain just keeps firing and as it’s going off, you get the seizure activity. You get the tremors. You get the shakes..that tonic-clonic activity of seizures. The reason is that when your brain is like this, your body is responding to it. So a seizure is simply an overactive brain. What does the endocannabinoid system do, guys? When it sees something that’s overactive?  That’s why CBD works. It balances it out. Does that make sense? That’s why CBD works for seizures.

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