Dr. Dung Trinh Answers: What is CBD?

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What is CBD? 

Transcript of video:

CBD, as you know, is a compound that is part of the marijuana plant.  The cannabis plant, the marijuana plant isn’t the only plant that has CBD. Has anyone heard of the hemp plant? So, hemp is a cousin of the marijuana plant and has a lot of CBD as well. 

So it’s a compound inside a plant.

There’s definitely over a hundred compounds in the marijuana plant. Of the over 100 compounds in this plant, how many compounds make you high? How many compounds give you that feeling that you get when people smoke weed to get high. The one compound that makes you high is THC.

What that means is that the other 100+ compounds that are within the plant do not make you high. You can not get high off of it.

So CBD is just one compound of the 100+ compounds within the plant. When you understand the science, you’ll understand that CBD is just a medication that helps with your endocannabinoid system.

Not only is it a medication, it is a plant based medication, right? Natural plant-based medication, as opposed to a pill that’s made by pharma.  That’s the way I view it.

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