Dr. Dung Trinh Answers: What are the ways you can take CBD?

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So, vaping is the fastest delivery system. It goes down into your lungs. It’s absorbed through your alveoli sacks and goes straight to your bloodstream. It works in a matter of, you know, a minute or so. It’s really quick.

The second fastest mechanism is tinctures, under your tongue. That’s the second-fastest mechanism! 

The slowest mechanism is taking it orally; taking a pill or capsule-because it has to go through your stomach first, it needs to get digested. It takes about two hours to start it’s effects if you take CBD orally. Taking it orally has the longest lasting effects. 

The most long-lasting effects are delivered orally, compared to vaping.

Now my thought on vaping is this: the only thing that should get into your lungs is oxygen. I have seen what’s called Reactive Airway Disease from vaping, and it doesn’t matter what you’re vaping. I’ve seen Reactive Airway Disease from vaping, meaning asthma or emphysema. You start wheezing…you can’t breathe. You start coughing…not, healthy. The only thing that should go in there is oxygen. 

That’s my thought on vaping overall.

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