Coloring Outside the Lines: The MyJane Box Design

When your MyJane box arrives on your doorstep, your eyes land on it, and a thrill of excitement courses through you. At last! The journey that iconic package took to get to you, though, is more meaningful than your local postmaster can fully appreciate because the colors beautifying the outside of the box were chosen and curated just as carefully as what is inside.

To understand how – and why – MyJane developed its signature look, we asked MyJane Co-Founder Cara Raffele, who lead the creation of the MyJane brand as its chief creative officer. She’s now the vice president of marketing for our parent company, ManifestSeven. We wanted to know why she and her team chose the emblematic brand colors you see on our beloved MyJane boxes.

The Colors of MyJane as Told by Cara Raffele

As a company on a mission to improve women’s wellness across the world, we wanted the MyJane box to reflect a women’s essence. As much as we’re breaking down stereotypes about cannabis and CBD, we’re also provoking game-changing conversations about women’s wellness and that requires us to be introspective about how we show up in the world.

To create the brand, we dove into research about women, studying the trust gap that exists between women and modern healthcare. We asked 42,000 women in Southern California what they wanted from MyJane and gave them space to envision a cannabis company created from the ground up to meet their needs. We recognized that women are on the brink of another feminist revolution, demanding transparency from the wellness brands and providers that occupy space in our medicine cabinets, skin care lineup and Instagram feeds.

After much research and a lot of reflection, we birthed the brand into existence with care and respect for the women we serve and those they love. Our logo is designed to celebrate the spirit of the fun, sophisticated and feminine women who comprise the MyJane community.

You’ll see that the MyJane word mark ends with a period, declaring our worth. Our color palette is equally balanced and revealing. Each hue represents the duality of feminine energy. Soft yet strong. Unassuming yet knowing. Tender yet tenacious. We chose Natural Rose and Relaxing Purple as our primary colors, with Healthy Blush, White and Cool Grey serving as accents.

The MyJane box itself is made of resilient material, yet it is soft to the touch and delicate to the eyes. Here you’ll see MyJane’s sophisticated color palette and a visual representation of our values:

Relaxing Purple

We chose purple to symbolize equality and the pursuit of balance. At a time when gender, cultural and economic equality remains an uphill battle, the MyJane box boasts this calming, rich shade of purple to show our unity and commitment to fighting for our community. The color also reflects independence and creativity, the embodiment of the MyJane woman.

Natural Rose and Healthy Blush

In color psychology, pink represents hope. The darker, fleshy Natural Rose is sensual and organic, a grounding evocation of the power of fertility. The lighter Healthy Blush is innocent but never naïve. We also chose these pinks to play with stereotypes. Since the 1950s, in America, pink has been defined
as “girly” and weak. However, at the turn of the century and through World War II, pink meant power. A June 1918 article from the trade publication Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department gives a glimpse into the psychology of the day, “The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and daintier, is prettier for the girl.”


We embrace the color white – or rather the absence of color – at MyJane, and you’ll often see our team wearing white from head to toe. White symbolizes new beginnings, a clean slate, and has long been associated with women’s rights. We employ it in our logo and box presentation to honor women’s suffrage and the continuing push for equal representation. In 1913, the Woman Suffrage Procession on Washington, D.C., kicked off the political fight for women’s right to vote. Women wore white, yellow and pink that day to contrast against the dark suits worn by men. Photos were in black and white in 1913, however, so images from that day appear to show our brave suffragettes in only white.

Cool Grey

Grey represents neutrality and acceptance. We chose this hue because MyJane embraces all genders, lifestyles, and cultural and economic differences. Our diversity is what makes us a strong community, and grey represents our ability to balance the demands of the modern woman. Grey also is the color of objectivity and aligns with our promise to offer only the safest, most effective CBD products, as verified through third-party labs and real-life evaluations from the MyJane community.

As you can see, the colors on every MyJane box were specially tailored to represent the MyJane vision of promoting each woman’s wellness, and the wellness of women as a whole. Check out our most popular box today so you can get the MyJane experience for yourself.

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