Cannify’s CEO Chats About Her Motivation To Teach About Cannabis

Originally from Holland, Dr. Linda Klumpers earned her Masters of Science in Neuroscience from the University of Amsterdam. During her training at Leiden University Medical Center, Dr. Klumpers obtained a Clinical Pharmacology degree and a Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacology of
Cannabinoids, a very rare specialty.

During her course of study, she worked at the Foundation Center for Human Drug Research in Leiden as a clinical scientist on a variety of medical-related studies. Dr. Klumpers has been studying cannabinoids in humans since 2006 and has co-authored various peer-reviewed cannabinoid publications including primary literature and book chapters.

Dr. Klumpers published work has received 5 honors and rewards including the B.J.C. Peace Prize handed out by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

Noticing an urgent need for objective cannabis information and education in the United States, Dr. Klumpers founded Cannify in 2016. Cannify aids patients and clinicians with product and science matching technology using an online tool that provides general and customized cannabis education.

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So, What Got the CEO of Cannaify Interested Neuroscience studies in

“I’m super interested in how things work. How people behave. Also now with Coronavirus, you see people take the advice really seriously. Why do people do what they do? How can you manipulate that behavior in different ways by talking to people? How can you change diseases with drugs.”

Dr. Linda Klumpers

This aspect intrigued Dr. Klumpers capitulating her to learn what she could about Cannabinoid Receptor Antagonists.

What are Cannabinoids Receptor Antagonists?

Cannabinoids Receptor Antagonists
Two brain cell receptors: delta opioid receptor and cannabinoid receptor The opioid and cannabinoid receptors are involved in pain-sensation, mood, appetite and memory. A 3d rendering.

Cannabinoids receptor antagonists are a type of cannabinoidergic that binds to cannabinoid receptors ( or CBR) and prevents their activation by endocannabinoids.

Now, cannabinoids antagonists are in the prime interest of several researchers to discover new applications and use.

For Dr. Klumpers, cannabinoid receptor raised several questions, so she decided to further her research with these questions in mind:

  • How do we test this compound safely within human beings?
  • How do we stimulate the cannabinoids within the bodily systems?
  • How can cannabinoids effectively work within our bodies?
  • How many administration methods can be effectively applied for personal use?

What Turned This Scientist into Wanting to Study about Cannabinoids?

People think that plant products are not so popular, but I think that is not always so true. Working with plant products can sometimes make it hard to have [gain] patents, but it’s very important to realize that the far majority of compounds that we use today as medicines come from plants. Plants are very important in modern medicine.”

Dr. Linda Klumpers

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Now here in the U.S., Dr. Klumpers notices the difference when she attends a pharmacology conference versus a cannabis event. The published cannabis supporters have come in contact with many medical professionals who are against using the plant-based product in modern

Because of that, not all the proper information being taught about the cannabis plant is truly factual. Many times, the information is emotionally driven versus fact-based or other motivations. This aspect helped inspire her to do something about this lack of plant-based information existing in today’s world.

“Objective science is lacking. If you’re too positive about the plants, then mistakes can happen. And mistakes can be damaging for the entire industry. On the other hand, when you’re very anti-plant, then people might not use the plant for its benefits.”

Dr. Linda Klumpers

This unique position gives Dr. Klumpers plenty of influence with both the pharmacology and cannabis industries as she wants to educate people to make their own choice to use the cannabis plant for their own medicinal use based on facts and not emotions.

Since no human is the same, cannabis might work in a different way for various types of people using the same plant for a variety of sick and physical ailments. Due to this aspect, Dr. Klumpers conducts her studies in partnership with real people to record truthful and raw data.

A truly objective point of view.

Unlike countless studies conducted in the US, cannabis has been researched using rodents and other animals — not humans.

What Important Scientific Cannabinoids Results Has Dr. Klumpers Uncovered?

  • Cannabis can work very positively alongside many systems within our bodies.
  • Not everyone wants the side effects that cannabis offers on the brain even with the pain relief the plant transmits.
  • Someone with a different-looking cannabinoid system might respond to the same dose very differently compared to someone else. We’re all different.

In regards to the benefits of cannabis, scientists have a good deal of published information on hand, but there is still plenty to learn from the cannabis plant.

We’re barely tapped into the researched science.

Many scientists strive to create blends that have a universal effect.
This issue is why Cannify’s mission is so crucial to the cannabis industry.

By providing customers with factual data and literature, Dr. Klumper’s company matches individuals with Cannabinoid products, proper dosages, and administration forms.

Cannify has a free tool is a free online quiz to understand what will work for you. Check it out at Cannify.us

Why Use The Cannify Quiz?

The Basic Cannify Quiz has 11-15 answer-dependent questions that will help you learn more about cannabis from scientific literature relevant to you. After answering all questions, you will get a personalized cannabinoid report with scientific information about products that helped
people like you.

Within this free and unique website, Cannify.us comes with education pages aimed to provide the most comprehensive information on cannabis to date. Their plan is to cover everything – from bud to body and from seed to science.

Dr. Klumpers would also like for you to click on the Leave Feedback button and ask your cannabis-related questions or simply let them know how the plant has affected your life.

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