Can Men Buy MyJane Products?

Some of our Micro-Affiliate Program members have asked us whether men can buy MyJane products, and it’s such an important question that we want to tell everyone the answer is: YES.

Not only are men welcome to buy MyJane boxes and products as gifts—Getting an early start on holiday shopping this year?—many of our products are great for anyone and everyone to use! Here are a few of our favorite MyJane product recommendations for men to purchase for themselves or their partners.

Nex Remedy Bottle

nexRemedy Transdermal Serum

Everyone experiences pain at some point in their lives. Especially as we grow older! Muscle aches, joint pain, headaches and more. It’s like a candy shop, but instead of jellybean flavors, there’s just suffering and fatigue. With nexRemedy’s new Locally Enhanced Transdermal Serum, however, you can finally get relief from the small aches and pains your doctor says are “normal.” The scientifically proven formula penetrates your skin, delivering active ingredients to your joints and muscles 6x faster than other topicals.

Mantra trio Masks

Mantra CBD Sheet Masks

These hemp CBD face masks are not the kind that can protect you from virus, but they’ll do great things for your skin! Sheet masks started gaining popularity among women a few years ago with the rise of Korean beauty and skin care brands, but since everyone has skin, everyone should be using skin care products like these high-quality CBD sheet masks. Each mask in the trio set has a different benefit and is sold separately, but if you’re not sure which one you need, it’s best to get all three.

Sunmi Sensualle Lube

Sunmi Sensualle Intimacy Oil

Created by doctors (one oncologist and one gynecologist), this intimacy oil is a great purchase for men and women alike. By having this CBD-infused intimacy oil, which combats dryness and enhances pleasure, in your bedside table or medicine cabinet, you are telling your partner that their comfort is important to you. And that’s the sexiest thing you can say!

Cococanna hemp body butter

CocoCanna Body Butter

Hemp oil body butter. Sounds like an edible, but really, it’s a rich and luxurious skin product similar to lotion that keeps you from getting ashy. If you aren’t sure what that means, drag your fingernails across your skin lightly. Do you see white streaks? That’s from dryness, and that’s what “being ashy” means. All people and skin types need to join the fight against dry elbows and knees immediately by purchasing a tub of CocoCanna Body Butter today! Plus, this lovely product can be used on your hair as well. (It might be a bit heavy for a daily beard oil substitute, but this could work as a weekly night-time treatment to your facial hair.)

CBD oil tincture, CBD Wellness for Women, MyJane.com

Broad-spectrum CBD Oil by MyJane

MyJane makes a high-quality CBD oil tincture you can take as drops under your tongue for the pure CBD goodness you crave. This will help you relax, and restore your mind and body as well. Don’t let the pink and purple box fool you. This drop is gender-neutral and can be used by anyone who wants to experience high-quality CBD oil from a company you can trust. We disclose all ingredients in our products and provide third-party lab tests for quality assurance, so you always know exactly what you’re getting.

No matter who you are, MyJane products are a high-quality, trustworthy option for hemp-based CBD, so we invite you to shop with us for yourself or someone else. Check out MyJane’s single products and curated boxes. You just might be pleasantly surprised by what you find!

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