About Us

Created by women for women, MyJane is a community enabling women to make informed choices about hemp CBD products. MyJane is for you. It’s for us. It’s for everyone we love and care about as women.

MyJane LLC, a subsidiary of the parent company Manifest Seven (M7), is based in Irvine California and has access to the complete business ecosystem of M7 to enable its growth and expansion.  Benefiting from shared services of the parent company, MyJane can therefore remain an agile enterprise led by a strong team of women with solid and diverse background to form an enviable team of experts focused on you, our women community.  


To give women the confidence and peace of mind- through education, accessibility, community and experience themed boxes in order to make informed health and wellness choices.


To change the dialogue about women’s wellness and put the power of decision-making back into their hands.


MyJane is:

Encouraging – We are empathetic to what you are going through. We want to celebrate your successes and give you tools to encourage your growth.

Aspirational – We believe that change in our world is powered by those who care to use their creativity and talents for good.

Relatable – MyJane never will be too big to care. We relate to women in needs and adopted the cause of International Sanctuary empowering women rescued from human trafficking.

Our Commitment to You – To be your trusted brand ensuring that all products offered are vetted with rigorous methodology and meet the highest standards of quality.  We want you to feel protected by knowing that if it is selected to be in a MyJane box, the products you will use are safe, clean, tested and from a reputable source.

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Our Story

Created by women for women, MyJane is a community enabling women to make informed health and wellness choices about cannabis. We’ve done the research for you, evaluating and curating the best products in each MyJane box to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Read our statement about health and wellness.