A Night of Romance with MyJane

Months of safer-at-home guidelines during this pandemic have resulted in an understandable strain on a lot of relationships. If you and your partner are in need of a relationship revitalization, a weekend getaway with the Romance Box by MyJane might be just what the heart ordered.

Why a Weekend Getaway?

Leaving your house for the weekend is important because you’ve been cooped up in your home with your partner for such a long time now. It may be difficult to kindle romantic vibes in the same room where you fought about forgetting to put your dirty socks in the hamper, again.

You don’t have to go far, but even renting a hotel room for a night, one city over, can be a good way to leave the “scene of the crime” behind, so to speak. Also, everyone is in a better mood on vacation, and a hotel room can be very exciting and romantic with a partner.

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The Romance Box by MyJane

There are lots of ways to set the mood for your night of romance, and the Romance Box by MyJane is full of products that can help. From CBD lubricant to bath bombs, these products will help you fully relax and enjoy each other’s company. Just put on some sexy music and open the box for all the goodies below:

Keep your lips smooth, soft and kissable with the CBD-infused raspberry champagne flavored lip balm by MyJane. Full of nano-CBD nourishment and a delicious taste, it can hydrate and repair even the most dry and damaged lips. One of our bestsellers, this hydrating and nourishing lip balm is an essential first step for prepping for a night of romance with your lover.

First, light the candle and feel the warm glow of flickering light. The coconut smell will increase your vacation vibes, and as the candle melts, it will transform into a creamy body massage oil. There’s a reason candlelight dinners and couples massages are a romantic cliché, and the CocoCanna Skin Cure Candle Massage Oil brings both together for maximum effect.

Full of essential oils, this bath bomb gives you the opportunity to soak away all your troubles. The beautiful colors and floral scents combine with enveloping hot water to put you in a sexy mood. The recipe for this bath bomb includes both organic essential oils and terpenes, to create an “entourage effect” for a specific, full-body experience that you can share with your lover.

Not all lubricants are made equal, and the Sunmi Beauty Sensualle Intimacy Oil is one of the best. It was created by a two female doctors, one gynecologist and one oncologist, and we can attest to the lovely texture and soothing effects of this CBD infused lubricant oil. It relieves dryness and discomfort during sexual intimacy so that both partners can fully immerse themselves in the moment.

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There are many other products to explore in the Romance Box by MyJane, including a travel sized skin care set, a vanilla scented candle, and hemp flower oil concentrate drops. There’s also a 14K gold necklace from Purpose Jewelry, which supports women who have survived human trafficking in their pursuits towards financial independence and also makes a wonderful gift for your partner.

Whether you have been feeling the romance slipping away from you and your partner, or you just want to celebrate the beautiful love you share, a night of romance with MyJane is well within reach with the Romance Box by MyJane.

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