5/21 Virtual Party

A Virtual Party To Celebrate Moms, Women & Wellness

On May 21, 2020, the MyJane community joined an exceptional group of speakers for our monthly virtual party – to have fun, feel empowered, learn something new to improve our overall wellness and explore the MyJane micro-affiliate member program. You may watch the recorded version of the party here: Watch Virtual Party 

“Cannabis is food and food is medicine.” Joline Rivera, Founder & Creative Director, Kitchen Toke

Joline is someone who is insulin resistant so she has to be careful about what she eats. She believes specific foods are intrinsically linked to good self-care. In her early days of exploring cannabis in food, she created edible chocolates for a family member who had cancer. On the days that he would eat the cannabis infused edibles, he would have a good day. This experience made her want to help others have at least one good day and teach others about what cannabis can do for the body.

In the process of looking for cannabis recipes and ways to cook with the plant’s extracts, she found very little online or in magazines. This is when she and her team decided to launch Kitchen Toke, a media brand dedicated to informing consumers on culinary cannabis for health and wellness. The content they deliver includes recipes, but also information about how we digest cannabis, different strains of cannabis, cannabis compounds, personal stories, and more. All participants will receive a free copy of the magazine.  If you have not yet provided your coordinates,  please contact [email protected]

“Cali, Colombia is the Capital of Salsa.” Martha Isabel Córdoba Arévalo, Salsa Champion/Instructor 

Martha Isabel led the MyJane community in a beginners salsa class to help us understand how movement and joy are critical to overall wellness. As a gift to our community, she’s offering up a free beginner’s salsa class to all on June 1, at 5pm EST via @memhfundacion on Instagram and Facebook.

Not only is she a salsa Champion, but she also runs a non-profit organization Micuerpoesmihistoria.com that helps children and adolescents in vulnerable situations deal with their difficulties through artistic / therapeutic spaces by way of dance and therapy. Feel free to visit Micuerpoesmihistoria.com to volunteer or donate.

“My sexuality is working for me, not against me.” Miriam Elyse, Sensual Embodiment Coach

Miriam Elyse, is an acupuncturist & sensual embodiment coach with a passion for reviving lives and connecting people to their inner power. Through tantra and yoga, Miriam helps women feel alive and fully expressed in their bodies. Many women are disconnected from their feminine intuition because they’ve been told to hide our bodies, our emotions, our expressions in order to be respected by men. Shame and harassment can shut down our innate primal energy along with our own sexuality, confidence and inner voice.

Miriam explains that in trusting our primal energy and our sexual emotional, we connect to a power that is energizing and electric. When we disassociate from this feeling and start categorizing our emotions and sensual experiences as good or bad, right or wrong, we can make it more difficult to express our genuine self. A woman’s sexual energy is about herself and when we can get back in touch with that, women can get back to truly express joy, passion, creativity, and more. In Miriam’s own words: “Zest for life starts as a seed in our sexual energy and in expressing all of ourselves.” More about Miriam and her services at www.miriamelyse.com

“Overtime, I got a lot of great testimonials from patients using Cannabidiol products” Dung Trinh, MD

Dr. Dung Trinh is Chief Medical Officer at Irvine Clinical Research. He grew up in a fairly conservative family household, and cannabis was never part of his life. He said he doesn’t use the substances that come from the various plants—hemp, marijuana and cannabis—but he said the science that’s come out in the past few years has compelled him to examine natural based alternatives for patients who may want to ease their pain.

In a very succinct way, Dr. Trinh helped us better understand the Endocannabinoid System. Endocannabinoids are molecules made by your body. These help keep internal functions running smoothly. Your body produces them as needed, and your body also has endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors are found throughout your body. Endocannabinoids bind to them to signal that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) needs to take action. These receptors can be found for example in your heart, GI tract, brain and/or immune cells.

The function of the ECS is to bring the body into a state of balance also known as homeostasis, or what Chinese refer to as the Yin and Yang. For example, if an outside force, such as pain from an injury or a fever, throws off your body’s homeostasis, your ECS kicks in to help your body return to its ideal operation. The compounds of the marijuana or the hemp plants bind to the endocannabinoid system thereby providing some relief. Our lifestyle and eating habits of today push our body to be in a constant state of disbalance, hence the reason why extracts like CBD helps the ECS to rebalance. You can listen to our MyJane MyStory podcast with Dr. Trinh (episode 32) to get more information and visit http://physicianscbdcouncil.com/

“Our mission is to empower women.” Helene Blanchette, President, MyJane 

We wanted to empower women to create new income without hassle and investment so we created a program that merges the best of micro business and affiliate marketing models. We are proud of this new aspect of our business model which really brings together in full circle the mission of women helping women. As a women-led company, partnering with women-owned brands, now providing an opportunity to help women create incremental income, while also helping women survivors on their journey to recovery from the horrors of human trafficking. You can find out more and sign-up for the program at myjane.com/micro-affiliate.

“Share more stories” Dee Samii, Host of @WomenCannabiz

In her natural home setting (#workfromhome) Deeshana Samii, an entrepreneur, mom and wife shares her positive energy and guidance on how to be successful as an entrepreneur and influencer. Being an influencer and managing several events and engagements, she knows how to replicate success and proudly shared that it is not about the number of followers, it is about engagement – her own posts get 40% likes and replies, now that’s influential.

She presented 7 tips for social media success:

  1. Create engagement by asking your followers questions to get feedback
  2. Post trending topics that are relevant to your audience
  3. Post behind the scenes stories so your followers understand more about your brand
  4. Tell and share stories
  5. Show your personality
  6. Give people tips and bring value
  7. Contests & giveaways

You may find out more about Dee Shani here.

To get your copy of the kitchen Toke magazine, please fill out this form 

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